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AS 350 B2

ASTAR AS-350 B2The Airbus AS-350 B2 A-Star is a proven workhorse helicopter configured for five passengers, all seats face forward, with generous cargo areas, and superior visibility. The A-Star’s speed, cargo capacity, and quiet cabin mean your travel will be as comfortable as it is productive.

Composite technologies, and superb engine design allow for a high performance level at a low cost per hour. The A-Star is the clear choice in aircraft.

Performance Information

Performance Information

  • Cruise A/S - 120 KTS (138mph)
  • Basic weight - 3230 Lbs.
  • Max Gross Weight - 4961 Lbs.
  • Max fuel - 972 Lbs.
  • Duration (with 30 min Reserve) - 2 Hrs + 50 Min
  • Passengers - 4-5 Passengers
  • Traffic information system
  • Satellite tracking / communication
  • Satellite weather radar