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AS 350 B3

ASTAR AS 350 B3Making the best even better!

The Airbus AS-350 B3 is the high performance member of the A-Star family. The AS350 B3 outclasses all other single engine helicopters for performance, versatility, safety, and maintenance cost. It excels in hot conditions, and high altitudes. It broke records when a standard production B3 landed atop Mount Everest in 2005. Configured for five passengers, all seats facing forward. It has tremendous horsepower, lots of cargo room, and superior visibility.

Composite technologies, and superb engine design allow for a high performance level and a smooth quiet, air conditioned, ride.

Performance Information

  • Cruise A/S - 135 KTS (138mph)
  • Basic weight - 3230 Lbs.
  • Max Gross Weight - 5225 Lbs.
  • Max fuel - 972 Lbs.
  • Duration (with 30 min Reserve) - 2 Hrs + 50 Min
  • Passengers - 4-5 Passengers
  • Traffic information system
  • Satellite tracking / communication
  • Satellite weather radar

AS350 B3