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Hurricane Response - We have aircraft available for your survey needs.


The company's stated goal is to provide a safe environment for the transportation needs of our customers.

SafetyAt All American Aviation, twin engine and single engine pilots alike attend simulator training on an annual basis.  We are proud to mention that our pilots attend simulator training at SimuFlight and Metro Aviation.  All pilots and mechanics are actively involved in Computer Based Training with CTS.

All American Aviation is dedicated to continually updating the major SMS components.   With that in mind, we have expanded the use of Key Performance Indicators, Risk Assessments, and Management of Change.  We have incorporated a more structured SMS Program and it is tracked by one of the most respected SMS on-line providers; Prism SMS Solutions.  All American Aviation continues to upgrade and improve our Emergency Procedures and carry out Emergency Response training on a scheduled basis.

Flight Following

SafetyAll American Aviation utilizes industry leading satellite based flight tracking software called Outer-Link.  Our communications center is able to monitor flight operations and view the movement of all the company's aircraft at any given time.

Utilizing the flight following system, customers have the option and ability to log-in and view the current location and path of the aircraft transporting their crews.  They also have the ability to view a complete history of all their company's past flights.

As a backup system, each aircraft is equipped with a secondary satellite tracking system that provides real-time display of aircraft locations at regularly timed intervals as well as the flight path coordinates.