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Hurricane Response - We have aircraft available for your survey needs.


Power Lines & Pipeline Patrol

All American Aviation, LLC, provides scheduled or "on-demand" pipeline and powerline patrols facilitating and monitoring the electricity and gas supply lines in rural and semi-rural areas.  The bird’s eye view allows us to identify potential risks.  Aerial patrolling and monitoring is the most efficient method to cover wide areas spanned by power line and pipeline companies.

Aerial Surveys

Aerial Surveying flights for buyers, architects and real estate developers provide unique and efficient area prospective on ongoing and future projects.

Aerial Photography/ Cinematography

All American Aviation, LLC, provides professional aviation services for movies and television.  We offer the experience and confidence that comes from a history of various successful productions in TV, Film and various commercials.  Our aircraft, the AS 350 Astar, are piloted by experienced pilots and we are familiar with and capable of providing an extensive array of camera mounts, cameras, talent and expertise.

Houston Charter

The following is a list of charter services we offer around the Houston area as well as other cities such as Austin, San Antonio, and Galveston.

AAATX Services

  • VIP & Business Travel
  • Photo Flights
  • Sightseeing Tours