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Sikorsky S76B

Sikorsky S76 B (Medium Twin)The Sikorsky S-76B is an 8/9 seat workhorse that moves at 140kts. The S-76 is a proven Gulf of Mexico platform, and does its reputation proud every day.

Its twin turbo shaft engines provides reliability and enough power to return safely should one engine fail. Dual pilot, and dual auto-pilot further ensure the safety of all onboard.

The S-76’s smooth quiet ride will get you to your destination quickly, comfortably with unparalleled reliability, and noteworthy cost effectiveness.

Performance Information

Sikorsky S76 B (Medium Twin)

  • Max cruise - 155 Kts. (178mph)
  • Range (with 30 min reserve) - 300 Miles
  • Basic operating weight - 8655 Lbs
  • Max gross weight - 11700 Lbs
  • Max fuel (with 30 min. reserve) - 2 hours
  • Cargo Area - 38 Cubic Feet/600 Lbs
  • TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System)
  • Satellite tracking / communications Satellite weather

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